We are seeking a dynamic and visionary Executive Director with the passion and experience to lead the effort to address and end the breast cancer epidemic. This position is remote and can be based anywhere in the United States. Please apply here.  

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To face up to the reality of police brutality and violence against black and brown communities is to face up the ongoing menace and legacy of white supremacy. It is not enough to not be racist, we must actively be anti-racist. 

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It’s here: our Toolkit to Navigate Breast Cancer

The Toolkit provides the tools you need—all in one place. It’s packed with essential information, thoughtful advice, and practical tools to help people with breast cancer and their caregivers understand the disease, and make informed decisions about what comes next. The Toolkit includes these two indispensable guides:

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  • Tools and Tips for a New Breast Cancer Diagnosis – practical tools and tips to help you make informed decisions about treatment

Download our Toolkit to Navigate Breast Cancer or contact us at to receive a copy by mail. 


Download our Toolkit
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